How To Repair Nail Pops In Sheetrock

Posted 4 years ago

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If your home is more than 10 years old there is a good chance that when your sheet rock was originally installed that sheet rock nails were used instead of screws. Nowadays most sheet rock pros use screws instead of nails when hanging sheet rock. If nails were used instead of screws as fastners to hang the sheet rock you probably have some "nail pops" in your walls. This term is used to describe a condition where the nail comes loose from the wood underneath and begins to pop through the sheet rock which creates a bulge on the surface of the sheet rock. In this article I will describe how to fix this unsightly problem with just a few simple steps. First, you will need a few tools and some materials in order to complete the project. You will need some joint compound, a hammer, drywall nails, a putty knife, some sandpaper or a sanding block primer, paint and a sponge. Cover the area below where you will be working with a drop cloth or some newspaper in order to protect the flooring. Next, hammer the popped nail back into the sheet rock so that is is flush with the wall. Using a second light tap with the hammer, create a small dimple in the wall around the nail. Be sure not to hit the wall too hard because you could possibly put a hole in your sheet rock. Then place a drywall nail next to the original nail in order to hold the popped nail in place. Use your putty knife and apply the joint compound over the nail head and dimpled area. Clean off your putty knife and allow the joint compound to dry. Once the joint compound is fully dried, sand the area to a smooth finish and wipe off any remaining dust with your sponge. Prime the repaired area and allow the primer to fully dry. It is always best to use an oil based primer, it may take a bit longer to dry but it does perform better than the latex primers. Paint the area with your original wall color and you are done. After you paint the repaired area and find that the color does not match, you may need to paint the entire wall from corner to corner in order to receive the desired finish. Repairing a nail pop is a very simple process and most homeowners can complete this project with no problems. Good luck. The author is the owner of Hoover Painting located in Hoover, Alabama. For more information please visit

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