How To Replace The Caulking Around Your Tub Or Shower

Posted 4 years ago

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Replacing the caulk around your tub or shower can brighten up your bathroom at a very low cost. Check the caulk around your shower or tub and see if the caulking has began to turn dark with mold or mildew. If it has it is probably time to remove the old caulking and replace it with new caulking. The main purpose of caulking is to protect your walls from water damage but it will also greatly enhance the look of your bathroom. Choose a caulking that is formulated for a bathroom and is mildew resistant. Avoid caulking that is made for exterior surfaces because it will not withstand use in a bathroom. Also when you purchase your caulking don't purchase the cheapest caulking that you can find. A quality caulking will have a good moisture barrier and will last much longer. It will also resist mold and mildew better. To complete this project you will need a caulking gun if you do not have one already. You can purchase a caulking gun cheaply at any paint or hardware store. You will also need a utility knife, a putty knife and a few rags for clean up. Begin by removing all of the old caulking. Using your utility knife cut the edge of the caulking away from the surface. Most of the time after you began cutting the caulking, you can pull it off in large sections. Use a putty knife to remove any stubborn caulking which still remains. Thoroughly scrub the areas where the caulking has been removed using bleach. This will kill any mildew that remains. Let the area dry completely before you begin to apply caulking. Next, fill your tub with water. Water weighs eight pounds per gallon. Once your tub is full of the eight pound gallons of water in addition to your own weight, the tub will flex which will drop down and away from the wall which will cause the caulked joint to open. It is important to caulk the joint when it is as wide open as it possibly can be so that the new caulking will last much longer. After you have filled the tub with water, cut the tip off of your tube of caulking and apply a fresh bead of caulking directly to the joint where the old caulking was removed. Once you have applied a bead of caulking to the entire area, use your finger and run it along the fresh caulking in order to even it out. You may wish to wet your finger first as this helps to keep the caulking smooth. Let the new caulking dry for at least twenty four hours before you use your tub or shower so that the new caulking can cure. If you need to clean up any excess caulk you can use a wet rag. Periodically check your caulking around your tub or shower and also around the sink. Water can cause extensive damaged if the caulking is not replaced once it has began to deteriorate. Re-caulking your tub or shower will require a little time and hard work but it is worth the effort. The author has over thirty years experience in the home improvement industry and is the owner of Smoky Mountain Painting in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

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