How to Set Up a Romantic Backyard Picnic for You and Your Partner

Posted 4 years ago

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Nowadays, restaurant hopping and movie dates have become too tedious, especially for old couples. If you are searching for a totally new concept to relish sweet memories with your partner, you might want to consider treating him to a romantic picnic. If you are conscious about keeping your expenditure at a minimum yet enjoying a quality date, look no farther than your own backyard. Using a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can actually transform that familiar part of your home into a romantic ambience for a picnic - and this even saves you from the inconvenience of hauling stuff from your home to another picnic venue. You need not worry at all if your backyard is bald of grass because you can readily get artificial turf from any supplier, who would be more than willing to provide you with the appropriate type of grass that would complement your theme. Here are some tips to help you in your preparation for a romantic date: 1) Date. In picking a date, consider these two things: the weather, and your schedule. Remember that your picnic will be under the sky. That means a bad weather can easily ruin your efforts even in half a second. So, part of your planning should be to consider the season. You and your partner should both agree on the date, when no one should be running in haste just to be at the venue on time. 2) Ambience. Aside from the weather, the ambience of your backyard also plays a big role in perfecting your romantic picnic. You can make use of some accessories like candles, flowers and mp3 player playing your favorite love songs to make the atmosphere even more amorous. But to be safe, pick a spot in your backyard that will be best for your romantic date. It does not really matter if your backyard is made up of natural grass or synthetic turf. 3) Food and other picnic essentials. A romantic picnic is called a picnic because of the ideal setup which comprises food, some beverages like wine, and a large cloth to sit on. So make sure to consider these factors in your preparation. You may also cook your partner's favorite food to make him feel even more special. 4) Your outfit. Of course you would not want to ruin your romantic picnic, would you? So, make sure you have prepared your best outfit and also ask your partner to wear his best too. Even if it is just a picnic, remember that you have been exerting effort and time to prepare for it so why not complete the scenery by wearing something complementary to the ambience? An artificial turf can make up for the lack of natural grass that you may also use on other special occasions. The author blogs about synthetic grass at

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