How to Solve the Squeaky Floor Problem

Posted 4 years ago

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Wooden flooring looks absolutely beautiful in the home. The style and class associated is a great addition to almost any décor - there's a reason that so many take pride in finish, the type of wood used and keeping theirs looking fantastic. When you have a home with wood floors, you're likely to know all there is to know about the general maintenance that yours requires. Different finishes require different cleaning products and methods and different kinds of wood require their own special care. One of the most frustrating things about owning wooden floors is dealing with issues, such as the odd annoying squeak, that can arise with them. Thankfully they look and feel great enough in the home to put up with the occasional problem that requires a special fix. Dealing with a squeaky floor Squeaky floors are a common issue that people encounter with wooden floors and one of the most frustrating problems in the home. If you have children or live with others, it's very frustrating waking up every time they decide to use the bathroom or get a drink in the night. You might feel like you want to rip them all up in your frustration, but don't worry! This is a problem that you can deal with. Traditional hardwood laid in strips is the most susceptible after years of use can dry and shrink the wood though any flooring can suffer in the same way. Fix it from below with a shim or bracket If you have a basement or enough space underneath, getting rid of any squeak is a breeze. Simply isolate any problem boards, coat a thin wooden shim or wedge in carpentry glue and carefully place it in between the floorboard and its joist. The aim isn't to raise the floor, but rather to keep the floorboard in place so don't force it in too far. Attaching a bracket or fastening the floor to the joist in a similar fashion are similar, quick-fix alternatives. Squeaky floor kits When you can't access the floorboards from below, implementing a solution can be far more problematic. A number of squeaky floorboard kits exist for the sole purpose of fixing the problem without damaging the finished floor. Kits to deal with hardwood floor squeaks use breakaway screws to fasten floorboards to the joist from above without leaving an ugly mess. Simply bore a hole for the screw, push the screw into the joist below and it will snap off under the wood. Use a little wood putty to fill the hole in and nobody will be able to tell that a squeak ever existed. If you can't find a kit specifically for the purpose of fixing you floor, some breakaway screws and a drill are all you need to fix your floor from above. Don't let your frustration get the better of you, by performing these simple maintenance techniques your wooden floor can be squeak-free in no time!
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