How To Treat Cold Sores - Super Remedies That Really Work

Posted 4 years ago

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Discovering how to treat cold sores can be very difficult, but is extremely important for healing with the least amount of time and trouble. If you search on-line for how to treat cold sores, you will usually get web sites that are promoting just their products. If you need to know how to treat cold sores, those sites are not much help. They are so busy trying to sell you a product that you do not get the information you really need. You know by now what cold sores are. You also know that they are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Now, here is how to deal with this virus. Learn to heal the damage quickly so that you can have your life back. When you first feel an irritation on your lip or nose, this is a sign that the herpes virus is setting up for replication but has not created any damage yet. At this early stage, many people have found two things that work very well. First, they apply garlic oil from fresh garlic immediately. Since it is quite strong, many will mix it with extra virgin olive oil, to tone it down a bit. This type of olive oil is also a very good antiviral treatment. Garlic works best. Nevertheless, for those who just do not like garlic, you can substitute coconut oil. You can also add other ingredients, such as peppermint oil and tea tree oil, to boost the performance of this easy home remedy. Secondly, they apply ice as much as possible. If ice is not available, any cold object will do. Both these treatments, together or individually, will slow down the virus activity. Many times, they even stop the sore from developing further. The quicker you act, the better they will work. It would be wise to use the garlic oil remedy during the entire outbreak, until the sore is completely gone. However, you should quit using ice once the sore scabs. Ice will reduce the pain, but it really slows the healing process. Once the sore breaks open and a scab forms, the damage has been done and you begin the healing mode. To treat cold sores now, folks often use hot, wet tea bags for ten minutes at a time. Any tea works, but herbal teas with peppermint or lemon balm seem to work much better. Cleansing the area regularly is quite helpful in speeding recovery. Hydrogen peroxide is a favorite for this purpose. It cleanses well and helps to dry out the blister. It also adds additional oxygen to speed healing. Always use throwaway tissues for cleansing and treatment application. You can use alcohol for cleansing if you do not have peroxide. Rubbing alcohol, vodka and rum have all proven helpful for this. Keeping the sore area alkaline will greatly help the healing effort. Alkaline tissues contain higher levels of oxygen, which interferes with virus activity. Peroxide will help you with this. Another way you can raise alkalinity of the tissue surrounding the sore is to add baking soda or calcium powder to your garlic and olive oil mixture. In addition, it will help to avoid acid foods from touching the area. This includes tomato sauce, carbonated beverages and coffee. Eating more high-calcium vegetables during this time can raise your alkalinity. This includes broccoli and asparagus. Dairy products are also very good calcium sources. Even if you do not consume dairy, many people report great success by applying yogurt or milk directly on the sore area. No cold sore treatment plan is complete without at least one good internal remedy. The main reason many treatments fail to give good results is that they do not have an internal component. Keeping your pH in the alkaline range is very wise for overall health. Taking supplemental lysine also produces excellent results when healing a cold sore. However, one internal treatment that is quickly rising to the top of my treatment list is zinc. The quickest way to get zinc into your bloodstream is by using zinc lozenges or oral sprays. This form of zinc absorbs right through the mucus membrane in your mouth. You can also use this zinc-rich saliva or spray directly on the sore for a double whammy. No one should have to suffer these painful sores, but many still do. There are many other good cold sore remedies but the tactics mentioned above continue to give remarkable results. Knowing how to treat cold sores, and establishing a solid treatment plan, is your key to reducing herpes interference in your life. Are you ready to get rid of your sore quickly and permanently? Want to know a lot more about How To Treat Cold Sores? Stop by Denny's wonderful web site without delay. Recently updated, you will get answers to all your questions and many free cold sore treatment plans you can use immediately. Click here ...

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