How to Treat Shingles on the Face - Medication and Natural Remedies

Posted 4 years ago

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Shingles is a painful, sore rash that forms blisters and rashes on the skin, as a result of a viral infection. It can also form on the face, and leave you in agony for quite some time. The worst thing about shingles is that even after the rashes have disappeared, the pain can last for years and leave you with extremely sensitive skin. This painful state is known as 'postherpetic neuralgia.' The good news is that an early treatment can effectively heal shingles and return your skin to normal. Everyone has the right to a clear, healthy skin, and if you follow some basic rules, you can have it too. Usually, shingles are not that severe, and the mild symptoms can be treated without the help of a doctor. However, having shingles on your face is especially dangerous. If you have rashes around eyes that are sore, you must run to your doctor at the earliest, as it can lead to permanent eye damage. An early treatment is particularly crucial for people with weak immune systems. The risk of other bacterial infections of the skin increases when you have shingles. There is also a risk of damage to the eyes and ears, and a facial paralysis. Hence, you must consult your doctor and follow the treatment religiously to avoid complications. You must not take any chances if you shingles on the face. Depending on the severity of your case, your doctor will plan out a treatment. Anti-virals are a usual choice, alongside anti-inflammatory drugs. More powerful drugs may be necessary if the pain persists. Topical lotions and antibiotic ointments are necessary to keep the blisters dry and ensure quick healing. Injections of vitamin B12 provide pain relief. Besides these, there are some easy, self-help, natural remedies that can be followed at home in order to relieve pain and itching of rashes on the face. Firstly, you don't want the infection to spread or make way for any bacterial attacks, so keep your rashes clean and dry. Apply ice packs and cool towels to your face regularly. Apply fresh pulp of aloe vera along with some cayenne pepper in it. Coconut oil, olive oil or eucylyptus oil are other good options. You can gently massage the skin of your face with these natural oils. If the blisters are really sore, opt for cotton balls dipped in coconut oil and aloe vera and rub it all over the affected area. Use peppermint oil or lemon oil, which not only relieve pain but also work against viruses. This has several advantages?it relieves pain, keeps the skin dry by absorbing moisture, and helps the blisters to heal quickly. Another important part of shingles treatment is a good diet. Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you possibly can for 1 to 2 weeks. Include oatmeal in your regular diet. Eliminate sugar, caffeine and meat from your diet. Alkaline water speeds your recovery. Green tea has great anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and will increase overall health as well. Thus, you can successfully treat shingles on your face with the help of your doctor and these natural methods. Good medication, along with these effective, organic oils and diet tips is the best treatment method for shingles. Shingles is a painful viral infection that gives you sore rash and blisters on your skin. Learn more about this infection, including shingles symptoms and shingles causes on now.

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