Lawn Care 101: Easy Ways to Improve Your Lawn

Posted 4 years ago

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Lawn care is all about the TLC you can give to your plant life. Despite the doses of TLC that it needs, it does not necessarily follow that you have to invest a lot of your resources - time and finances - towards its growth and beauty. In this article, easy ways of improving your lawn will be discussed. Aerate your lawn regularly If you are like most household owners where the lawn is dedicated as your child's (and your pet's!) playground, you have to remember that all these foot traffic can cause your soil to be compacted and compressed. When soil gets compacted or compressed to a significant degree, it can result in a lot of problems such as problems in irrigation, water absorption, air circulation and absorption of nutrients. This can cause your lawn to look lifeless and close to its own natural death. Hence, when this happens, make lawn aeration a standard part of your lawn care practices. Aeration is essentially punching holes in your lawn. These holes are at least 4 inches deep, which is enough to facilitate the healthy circulation of air and absorption of water and nutrients back. Through aeration, essential organisms such as earthworms can establish itself easier underground. Use an aerating machine if you have one. If not, use a handheld aerating tool that you can purchase from a hardware store. Water your lawn the right way What is the right way to water your lawn anyway? The right way is to water your lawn deeply, and make it less often as you regularly would. If you change your watering habits to this, your grass roots will be able to grow deeper into the soil. Healthy grass roots allows you to have a lively green shade for your lawn. Aside from the lush, healthy color, this kind of watering practice trains your lawn to adapt to erratic weather changes such as in the summer days or when it is drought season. Since your roots are trained to receive less water, tending your lawn even in the hot summer season will not be a problem. Remember not to over water your lawn. It is counterproductive and may only kill the grass on your lawn in the process. Create your own compost Creating your own compost using grass clippings is beneficial both for the environment and for your lawn. Aside from the fact that using old grass clippings can help reduce waste, you get to keep a lawn that is highly organic and lush green. Why should you start using compost? It helps in improving water drainage, especially if your soil compacts easily compared to other types of soil. Plant nutrients can be slowly released. It can also help stimulate healthy root growth. The pH level of your soil is balanced and you send in very few, wastes to the landfill if you recycle it to create your own compost. Who says lawn care should break your back and the bank at the same time? With a little creativity in the yard, you can make your lawn truly healthy and easy to maintain with little exerted effort and resources on your part.
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