Learn The Know How Of Boat Maintenance During Winter

Posted 4 years ago

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Winter is just round the corner and it's time you took a break from ferrying your boat on those cold waters. But an off-season for boating does not mean you stop caring for your boat; rather, winter is that time when you should gear up on its maintenance. Since winters are long and often very harsh, additional care has to be taken for the upkeep of boats and to make them ready for spring. Here's what you can do to keep your precious boat in superior condition during the winter. 1. Check Regularly Even before you begin to sort out the technical aspects, it's important to start examining your boat regularly. That means checking for damages on its surface, ensuring that the covers haven't been detached and removing any water accumulation. These simple techniques go a long way in ensuring that your boat stays safe and secure. 2. Increase Engine Efficiency While your boat might not be gliding through waters, its engines still do need a lot of care. Ensure that the engines get serviced thoroughly during this season and take care that any traces of oil or acid is not left behind. Left over oil or acids will eventually corrode the metals inside the engine. Likewise get rid of the oil filter and clean the coolant system as well. You should also work on an antifreeze mechanism so that your now-stationed engine resumes easily later. Also make sure that the various parts of the engine are adequately sprayed with oil so that they do not get jammed. It is crucially important to oil the steering and control mechanisms for them to be running optimally when spring comes. 3. Fuel And Batteries These two vital components for a boat need close monitoring in winter. Check the quality of the fuel to minimize risks of diesel bugs and get them treated if required. Similarly replace the fuel if you think its quality has declined. In fact run the engine for a good 10 minutes once it's filled with fuel to reduce any risks of condensation. The same rule applies for batteries as well, if left unused they lose their power. Recharge the batteries from time to time and ensure that they are functioning. 4. Replenish The Interiors If yours is a luxury boat, or maybe even a regular speedboat it is imperative that you inspect its interiors regularly. Remove soft furnishings or dry them in the sun to minimize buildup of moisture. Use anti-mildew sprays or dehumidifiers in areas where flow of air is minimal. Remove any unwanted items like plastics, used cans or bottles and generously spray disinfectants inside the boat. If there are options for taps and showers inside your boat ensure that everything is adequately cleaned before turning them off. 5. Storage Finally and most importantly, you need to make sure that your boat is stored at the right place and in the right way. If you want to keep your boat preserved well and out on land, get a proper fitting cover so that it's prevented from any structural damage. However, if you intend to keep it in water, it should be tied with ropes that have enough girth to make it stay afloat when the water rises or dips. Taking adequate care of a boat in winter is an expensive affair. Thus, it makes sense to seek professional help to be able to keep the watercraft running in perfect condition. With good judgment and research there is a high possibility that you will come ashore at Stow Away Marine, where you can trust us to please your boat the way she pleases you.

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