Mixing and Matching Jewelry to Create Your Own Fashion Statement

Posted 4 years ago

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Those who keep an eye on the red carpet and its denizens have noticed small, but significant changes in recent jewelry trends. For the most part, both beaded jewelry and handmade jewelry are still big and bold, but the look comes more from quantity rather than the size of individual pieces. For example, rather than one big cuff, fashion conscious women are wearing several midsize bangles in various colors, layered from wrist to mid-arm or above. Necklaces follow the same trend: three or more pieces are seen worn together instead of the wide chin-to-clavicle collars featured in the past few years. One fashion rule this year that has been largely ignored in recent years is that colors may differ, but materials should match. That is, silver, gold and enamel should not be mixed: choose one and stick to it seems to be the general rule. The same holds true for all pieces worn at the same time; they can be of various colors and in wildly interesting shapes, but they should all be made of the same material, regardless of the number a woman chooses to wear. And, it is important that each piece, when layered, does not compete, but rather complements the other pieces. Silver chains are slightly more popular than gold this season, a trend which may reflect the faltering economy. They can, however, be as intricate and interesting as the wearer likes and can be combined with gemstone jewelry, as long as it too is set in silver. Earrings are becoming more extravagant than ever, longer and bolder, and big bold rings for any finger are still fashionable. Color choices are important on two levels. First, of course, colored jewelry should complement an outfit, but it also sends subconscious signals of mood and status. For example, red signifies heat, which can reflect either anger or passion but is always an attention-getter. Blue delivers a message of dependability and a demeanor that says, in effect, "trust me", which is one reason it is known to be the most popular color in the entire spectrum. Blue is closely followed by calm and peaceful green, probably the best bet for those indecisive times. To exude an aura of class and free-spirited creativity, purple is the way to go, while white is the all-purpose color that whispers cleanliness and purity. Orange seems to be a popular color this year as well, but one must take care in mixing this bold eye catcher with the rest of an outfit. Generally speaking, orange is being used as accent piece with an otherwise less ostentatious outfit. If large, it can be used as a stand-alone accessory. And of course, for the mysterious femme fatale effect, nothing says sophistication as clearly as black. To display one's jewelry to its fullest effect, it should be worn against a backdrop of a simple ensemble. On the other hand, a high-fashion designer dress should not be overpowered by jewels that scream for attention. Needless to say, the occasion for which one is dressing plays a large part in the selection of jewelry as well; gaudy accessories at the office do not lead to promotions, and of course wedding dresses should stand alone and accessorized with smaller jewelry pieces. Possibly the best advice when a choice is difficult: you can never go wrong with pearls, which by the way, are again very in vogue this year. When you're looking for hand made jewelry that incorporates real gemstones, and will really show off your personal style, author Stephen Daniels recommends you check out the jewelry and accessories at Beaded Trendz for some really unusual pieces to accessorize your wardrobe.

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