Natural Remedies to Avoid Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs

Posted 4 years ago

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Most of us would agree that our dogs are almost as precious to us as our own families. This is why finding out about serious ailments our pets might be suffering from will keep us awake many a night. One such potentially terminal condition is congestive heart failure in dogs. What is a dog congestive heart failure? This is when the canine's heart chambers are deformed, resulting in decreased efficiency in pumping blood and blood circulation. Sometimes the chamber walls are thick and congealed, other times it is stretched so thinly that the heart itself is enlarged. Whatever the particular state it is in, your pet's abnormal heart is distressing news for the worried pet owner tending his suffering animal. Fortunately, because dogs are a popular domestic pet to have, studies on natural healing for dog with congestive heart failure remedies continue to be done and become accessible for the general public. Like our own physician's advice to us, an effective way to improve the cardiovascular system is through regular exercise. Improve your pet's heart function by engaging him in regular physical activities. There are many activities to choose from that you and Fido can enjoy - play catch or Frisbee, jog along a coast, or even take walks around the block with your dog. When you do exercise, monitor your dog's behavior. If he is easily fatigued, take a trip to the vet immediately. An integral aspect to prevent congestive heart failure in dogs is providing him with a nutrient-rich diet low in sodium. Some of these nutrients include Calcium, Vitamin E, L-carnitine, Taurine and Omega - 3 fatty acids - the last being found in fish and most sea foods. Choose fresh and natural food over processed pet feeds that may contain chemicals that will harm your dog's system as time progresses. Combine raw meat and whole grains with vegetables like carrots, squash, broccoli and beets. Crateagus oxycantha and Hawthorne are some natural healing for dog with congestive heart failure herbal supplements you can try. It serves to strengthen the heart's artery walls. Arnica Montana, Kalium phosphate and Calcium Flouride promote excellent cardiovascular function by improving canine blood pressure. Even before you go on and administer the treatments we have previously discussed - you have to consult with an expert or a veterinarian first. It may be that your dog has other ailments also and mixing cures could conceivably complicate his present condition. However, in order to treat congestive heart failure it is quite appropriate to use the natural remedies as well as conventional drugs. This can be of great benefit in eventually reducing, or even eliminating, the need for the drugs. But this should obviously be carried out in consultation with your vet. For canine heart conditions, general symptoms are labored breathing, unusual salivating, being easily tired, and a discolored tongue and mouth. A simple ultrasound or chest X-ray test can diagnose the condition. It cannot be said enough that you confirm the correct prognosis because if the wrong treatment is prescribed, it can cause critical harm or even the demise of the animal. Verify the findings and take the necessary steps to fight the disease. It goes without saying that you should try to use the natural remedies before proceeding with any synthetic medication. However, if holistic methods are insufficient at this stage, there are special medications for these specific dog problems you can avail of. Maintain regular check-ups with the vet always.
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