Natural Remedy For Cat Bladder Infection

Posted 4 years ago

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Finding a good natural remedy for cat bladder infection is smart because it will help your pet get better quickly and eliminate the problems created by giving prescription drugs. In this article, you will learn why natural medicine is best and what other measures you should take to help resolve the infection quickly and ensure your pet doesn't suffer with recurring problems. The reason that natural remedies for bladder infection in cats is a clear winner over prescription drugs is that these remedies have no side effects. While drugs can actually worsen your pet's suffering because all they do is suppress the symptoms, remedies actually get to the root cause of the problem. This is because remedies provide nutrients that restore the pH of the bladder. When the pH is out of whack, bacteria can proliferate and grow. Of course, it's important to support a good natural remedy for cat bladder infection with healthy food. Many pet owners do not realize that the commercial brands that they feed their pets are often laden with chemicals, dyes and fillers. This is equivalent to feeding your cat junk food. Humans can't stay healthy on a junk food diet and neither can our pets. This is why you should always read the ingredients label on the cat food you buy, just as you do when you buy packaged food for your family. If the label has long chemical names that you can't pronounce or lists meat byproducts or cheap grains, look for another brand of food. Of course it's also important to give your pet access to a fresh bowl of water. Make sure you clean out the bowl each time and provide water that has been filtered. You do not need to buy bottled water because an inexpensive tap filter will work fine. Just make sure that it will filter out the chemicals. The reason filtered water is important is that certain chemicals can alter the pH of the bladder just like junk pet food. When looking for a good quality natural supplement, make sure to do some research because not all products are created equal. Look for one that contains ingredients like Staphysagris, Uva Ursi and Cantharis which have been proven effective in clinical trials as a natural remedy for cat bladder infection. Equally important, this remedy can be used both for treatment and prevention. This means that if you have an older cat or cat that has been struggling with bladder issues, the supplement is gentle enough to use every day. Although the information in this article is simple; it is usually the practical, natural approach that is most effective. Nurture and care for your pet the way you would a child: protect its best interests, provide healthy, nutrient-dense food, use a preventative approach and when sick, rely on natural medicines that heal and nourish without disturbing side effects.
Laura Ramirez is a passionate researcher of natural remedies which heal disorders and keep pets vibrant and healthy. Find out more about safe, effective ways to maintain your pet's urinary tract health at

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