Normal Kennel Cough Symptoms - Pet Home Remedies to Sooth Your Dog's Throat Irritation

Posted 4 years ago

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We can treat normal kennel cough symptoms at home and help our dogs get through this annoying cough. Since your dog will be coughing up a storm because of the irritation in his throat, you can help him feel better by giving him pet home remedies that will sooth his throat. Kennel cough causes an inflammation of the trachea. When the air passes through your dog's throat it produces this cough. Coughing becomes incessant 24 hours, so the dog is uncomfortable and it can seem as if he will never stop coughing. So here are some home remedies that you can use to make your dog feel better: 1. Take off his collar. Don't have anything around his neck and throat area that will bother him during this illness. 2. Change his food from dry to wet food so that it will be easier on his throat going down. 3. Give him some honey to sooth his throat irritation. You can try giving it to him directly. If he will not take it just put it in his water - 3 teaspoons a day is a good dosage. 4. Put drops of hydrogen peroxide in his water, 3 drops per 8 ounces of water. 5. Give your dog vaporizing treatments. You can steam up your bathroom so he can breath this humidity and it will sooth his throat. 6. If the cough is very severe, try giving him children's Robitussin. While normal symptoms of kennel cough are not a cause for alarm, always watch your dog to make sure he is alert and is not developing complications. Just like in humans, the best defense a dog has is a good immune system to prevent and fight off diseases. Natural pet home remedies are the best and safest way to treat your dog. There are many supplements and herbs that you can treat your pet with at home that will make him strong and healthy. Your dog will be much more capable of fighting off any illnesses in the environment. Pet immune disorders are a serious problem. All kind of medical issues are caused by a weak immune system. Animals in the wild are able to turn to nature when they are sick to heal themselves. We need to provide our pets with this same healing power in nature. The medications that conventional medicine treats our dogs with are very toxic. They actually treat one disease, while stressing our dog's immune system and weakening him. Treat normal kennel cough symptoms and other illnesses at home with pet home remedies and save thousands in vet bills. These natural supplements and remedies will improve your dog's immune system and prevent diseases.
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