Oh No! I Have Perfume Stain On My Dress!

Posted 4 years ago

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A perfume stain is something that is quite often seen on certain fabrics. There are some perfumes that create stains due to some compounds they contain other than alcohol. One thing to remember is that it's vital to get the stain out before it dries. Removing the stain while it is still fresh should provide the best results. Stains caused by perfume in clothes are actually not uncommon, just as dabbing fragrances by people in order to feel and smell good is likewise a common practice nowadays. However, sometimes, this results to ruining your favorite clothes especially the light-colored fabrics. You need to act fast as soon as the stain appears. To remove stains caused by perfume on clothing, you need to soak a piece of cloth in warm water and use it to dab onto the discolored part. Alternatively, you can simply hand wash the shirt as soon as possible. It's vital to dab the stained area, not to rub it, because rubbing too much will press down the stain deeper into the cloth. Then, the stained clothes should be cleaned by a dry cleaner as soon as you are able to get them there and before the stain sets in the fabric. If the clothing with the stains is to be washed, do so in warm water. You can soak it first, then you can go ahead and put it in the washing machine, or hand wash it as instructed by the clothing's label. A piece of cheesecloth works well to help get the perfume stains off the fabric. You can also try using a stain-removing substance while washing the fabric. You can likewise dab on some regular ammonia in the area where the stains are. To get rid of the excess ammonia, wash the clothing again with a liquid laundry soap. There are likewise specially produced stain removers that help get rid of such stains produced by perfumes, in case the aforementioned methods fail in removing the stain. Perfumes can also stain furnishings upholstered with any type of fabric when perfume comes in contact with them. Getting stains caused by perfume out of rugs or upholstery would be totally different compared to that of clothes and dresses. To make the stain elmiminating mixture, use one half part glycerine and one half part water and use a cloth to apply this mixture onto the part of the rug or upholstery where stain is located. Allow this application to set in for a few minutes and don't do anything else on it temporarily. Then, dip a cloth in warm water and blot the stains out as well as any excess particles of the cleaning solution. Leave it to dry. Sometimes, you can find an appropriate brand of carpet shampoo that can also remove perfume caused stains. Use this according to the directions indicated as directed on the bottle. Another simple tip to avoid such perfume stains on your clothes is to take out a sample of the perfume and apply it on a hidden area of the clothing before you get dressed and right before you actually dab on some perfume on your clothes. This way, you can check if the fabric you're wearing would react against the perfume. You can also read the perfume label and its contents thoroughly, which should give you an idea on whether or not the perfume would leave stains on certain fabrics. Michael Dierson is an author, business investor, and social media promoter. In addition to running TryBPO, a company in the Philippines, he is primarily focused on back-end SEO and operational support to medium sized businesses. He also creates topical sites about interesting subjects like stella perfume and jlo perfume.

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