Pick-Up Simplified: Master The Art of Attraction in 30 Days - Free Kindle Edition

Posted 1 year ago

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If you are dealing with: Stuck in a toxic Relationship Friend zoned Lead on Used Just got out of a Rough Break up or Divorce. One-Itus- Meaning you are fixated with a woman that you have not even had sex with or she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. I'll go ahead and teach you a simplistic approach to pick with the question in mind of “What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago knowing what you know now?” that will help you Crack the Code of The Modern Day Chasity Belt. The Method Developed is embedded in a 30-Day challenge which will now give you the day to day Natural Style of Attraction you can use ANYWHERE. Close friends and family members who were struggling with women have already experienced great results by implementing some of the methodology and drills... My younger brother whom completed his military camp was reserved as heck. After taking him out and a running a couple of concepts and drills in this book made all the difference. He is now more confident with women and most importantly, himself. Since then he sees everything from a new lens. Also, a well-known natural whom is a club promoter had many women friends, and was closing a good amount, but after seeing what was possible out on the field trough my examples of the techniques you'll find in this BOOK. He is now proactively closing more women in his social circle than before due to Freedom from Outcome.. This is the power of this book. So, there is something for everyone. Dont regret the things you have done, regret the things you didn't do. No one is cut from a different cloth, you can do this. Don’t be the person who misses out on opportunities in life> Get the knowledge and tools to supplement your life today! Trust me, you might see a girl today, tomorrow or a week from now who can be a potential intimate partner, a relationship or perhaps the mother of your children and you failed to acquire this book. Life is too short, and this needs to matter to you. You’ll die of old age, regretting not asking all those beautiful Women, or at least taking a shot. Regret is worse than DEATH, visit a retirement home and you'll see what I mean!

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