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Posted 1 year ago

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Prep Lists for Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking: A Quick Reference Guide with lists of everything you need to plan your next adventure or to improvise in your next crisis Remembering everything you might need for a camping trip is a big challenge—there is gear, food, tools, skills, maps, plans, backup plans, and more. Don’t scramble at the last minute to get ready; be that person who is always prepared for anything. Why rely on others because you forgot something or because you lack skills to take care of yourself? You can be confident that you have everything you need and always know what to do next. This book is a quick reference guide with lists of everything you need to plan for your next outdoor adventure, to improvise in your next crisis, or reach your next level of proficiency. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of outdoor adventure looking to expand your horizons, there is tremendous value in this compilation of essential tools, skills, methods, and strategies. The prep lists in this book were personally crafted by an experienced outdoorsman who relies on being prepared for anything—camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, backpacking, canoeing, trail riding, and more. Reading this Prep Lists Book is like brainstorming with a room full of experts. Having these checklists of things to remember, projects to do, ideas to plan, or topics to learn gives you complete self-reliance. Whether your adventure is solo, with family & friends, or part of a team, you can be assured that you will relax and enjoy a fulfilling experience.

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