Professional Airbrush Makeup Tips Revealed

Posted 4 years ago

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When you are working with airbrush makeup, there are a few techniques and tips available to help you with improving your application skills and your overall experience with a variety of colors and types of airbrushing makeup. Professionals utilize airbrush makeup to make their celebrity clients look red carpet ready, but that doesn't mean that you can't use the same secrets on a daily basis. Ensuring you are prepared for an airbrushing makeup application will help you to feel confident and to keep a steady hand throughout the process. Once you've purchased an at-home airbrush makeup device, you can use the following tips and tricks to become a pro yourself in no time. Practice using your airbrushing tools on a blank piece of paper to get a feel for the tips, pressure and the spray motion before working on yourself. Practice makes perfect! Remember it is easier to spray lightly and then add more product later. Ensure you are capable of keeping your wrist as steady as possible. Continuous practice will help to improve this ability. Before you begin, tie or clip your hair back and into a position that will not allow it to get any of the airbrushing makeup applied to it. ONLY Use specific airbrush foundation, as traditional foundation will often times be too thick and can damage or ruin the entire application (and tools used). Avoid spraying just one spot of the face at a time, and keep the airbrushing equipment moving at all times during an application. You want to use a large circular area of approximately 3-4 inches in diameter for best results and make sure to hold the tip approximately 6 inches away from your face. Avoid "over spray" by using shorter bursts with a steady hand to help with covering red marks, blemishes and acne on your face with the airbrushing tools. Check our your progress in various lighting to ensure the makeup is developing properly and does not appear to have streaks or lines in it. Always use an airbrush cleaning solution to help with refreshing and cleaning your airbrushing tools before, during and after makeup applications. Do not allow your makeup to sit within the tools, as this can ultimately cause damage to your airbrushing equipment while allowing bacteria to grow easily. This is one reason that I recommend systems like the Temptu system for beginners, as the pods are removed with little mess or cleaning.
Finally, for more professional tips & tricks visit to learn from the pros.

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