5 Tips For Removing Stains on Children's Clothing

Posted 1 year ago

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Children's clothing can get extremely dirty and the stains can be quite stubborn to remove. But with these five, proven tips, removing stains from children's clothing will be quite effortless. 1. Use Pre-Wash Stain Remover While some parents may know of this method, many are unaware of the technique. Using a pre-wash stain remover for either small or large spot stains is a near guaranteed way to get out nearly every type of stain on clothing imaginable, including red ink and even protein-rich blood stains. But the key is to vigorously rub it in with a soft, gentle cloth and then let it sit and soak in for at least ten to fifteen minutes before tossing the clothes into the washing machine. 2. Use Drop of Dishwashing Detergent Dishwashing detergent dissolves all types of grease, oils and other substances much better than laundry detergent. It's strong so it's only necessary to put in a little bit into the wash water. It will help lift off the worse stains imaginable and won't bubble up or clog the machine the way adding much more laundry detergent does when it foams up when too much is added. It's not necessary to rub it into the stains. Just add it to the water. 3. Soak Clothes Overnight Before Washing This technique is a definite way to eliminate nearly every stain in kid's clothing. Take a separate wash basin and add hot water and a half to full scoop of laundry detergent without any bleach even if the clothes are white. Rinse the clothes around by hand until the soiled garment is fully soaked and wet. Then simply allow it to sit in the water-detergent mixture for 24 hours and then put it into a hot water wash with fresh laundry detergent added to the load. 4. Incorporate Baking Soda into the Wash Cycle Baking soda will work wonders as it enhances the stain and cleaning removal process of standard laundry detergent. It will give a fizzy and bubbly appearance in the wash water but that's okay because that means it's cleaning the soiled fabric the way it should, Baking soda is exceptional in its ability to lift off caked on and oily stains because of it's natural and superior cleansing power not found in standard laundry detergents or even bleach. 5. Add A Sprinkle of Salt if Bleach Doesn't Work If adding bleach to whites doesn't work, try the old hard water technique by sprinkling in a teaspoon of salt. The abrasiveness of the salt when it breaks down in the wash cycle will lift out stains as superbly as anything of its kind. And the best thing about salt is that it doesn't damage clothes at all. In fact, it actually strengthens most fibres that children commonly wear.

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