Rust Prevention- Three Ways To Keep Metal Or Steel From Rusting

Posted 4 years ago

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If you own metal fences, patio furniture or doors you are more than familiar with rust. Rust is a chemical reaction that occurs in metals. Rust is created by the oxygenation of the metal under moist conditions. The amount of rust is directly related to the amount of time that the metal stays in contact with the air and water. The rusting process literally eats away at the metal, making if fragile. Rust is a form of corrosion and there are ways to prevent or inhibit the growth of rust on your metal work. To find out how read on. If you are interested in preventing items in your home or office from falling prey to rust there are three methods that work well. One is protective coating. The second is cathodic protection and the third is corrosive inhibitors. You may need to combine a couple of these methods for best results. Prevention begins at the very beginning when you bring home a piece of metal furniture or other fixture. If it is not already galvanized you should not leave it unpainted. Though if you choose to use a water-based paint the results will be the same. The water in the paint will only serve to begin the rusting process. Keep the item as dry as possible. This is hard to do with metal lawn or patio furniture and impossible if you have a metal deck. Water, steel and oxygen are the formula for rust. If you use a good primer with a rust inhibitor and urethane paint you will be able to control the rust before it even begins. If you haven't the time for all of this, you should purchase stainless steel or a metal item that has zinc plating. These are ready to combat the rust problem right out of the box. Zinc has a low corrosion factor and that is why it is used to form a protective coating for steel and other metals. Rust is not only unsightly but it also possesses a health risk. Rust is a breading ground for bacteria known as Clostridium Tetani. This is why if you are cut with a rusty knife or step on anything that is rusty you will have to get a tetanus shot. Tetanus can be fatal. Make protecting your investment and health a priority and do a little rust prevention today. Jonathan is an R&D specialist at metal decking experts D-Mac Industries. Jon studies the endless uses of steel deck in structural engineering applications.

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