How To Save A Small Fortune When Eating Out At Restaurants During A Vacation

Posted 4 years ago

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Can you afford to eat out at the restaurants of your choice when you are on vacation? After all, you’ve already had to fork out for travel and hotel costs, which means for many people, they are forced to eat their evening meals at burger joints, pizza parlors or other low end fast food establishments. If you could knock around a third off the cost of eating at a restaurant would it make a difference to you? If you’re like most people, it probably would. The good news is it’s easy to knock as much as a third, or even a little more, off your restaurant bills, so if you’re interested, read on…. Alternatively, you can learn more on our Restaurant Deals page. The first thing to do is explain how this is possible. It’s important to understand that we are not talking about restaurant coupons, you know the ones, save 50 cents on a burger or $1.50 on a pizza. We are talking about a nationwide program that provides diners with real savings, savings of $30 or more on a $100 bill! There are more than 50,000 restaurants, nationwide, participating in a restaurant certificate program; to put that into perspective, it means that no matter when or where you are going, you will find a great selection of restaurants to choose from. For example, at time of writing, there are 642 participating restaurants in New York City, 45 in New Orleans, 87 in Orlando, 74 in San Diego and 119 in San Francisco. What are Restaurant Certificates and how much can they save me? Restaurant certificates are restaurant specific vouchers that can be used to help pay your bill when you eat out at the restaurant named on the certificate. These certificates can be purchased at a discount of 60% to face value, or in other words, a $50 certificate can be purchased for $20, a $25 certificate for $10 or a $5 certificate for $2. Once you have bought a certificate, you can use it to help pay your bill when you eat out, and make substantial savings. Why do restaurants sell certificates at a discount to face value? The answer is simple, restaurants are always looking for new customers; by promoting their eatery with money saving certificates, they are able to attract a constant stream of new customers. How can restaurants afford to sell certificates at such a large discount? When participating restaurants sell certificates at a 60% discount, they do so with the provision of a minimum purchase or bill value. Typically, the minimum spend is between 150% and 200% of the value of the certificate. This translates to a discount for the diner of between 30% and 37.5%. To help you understand a little better, here are two examples of the effective savings for diners: Let’s assume you had a bill for $50, (with a minimum purchase of $50), you would use the $25 certificate and simply pay the balance of $25. The cost of your certificate would be $10, plus the $25 you had to pay in the restaurant, making your total cost $35, a saving of $15 or 30% If you had a bill for $40 (with a minimum purchase of $37.50), you would use the $25 certificate and pay the balance of $15. The cost of your certificate would be $10, plus the $15 you had to pay in the restaurant, making your total cost $25, a saving of $15 or 37.5% Hopefully, you now have an understanding of what restaurant certificates are, how they work and how much they can save you. If you are interested in learning more about restaurant certificates, the restaurants that participate in the program, by location, or the latest diner ratings of participating restaurants, we suggest you visit

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