Several Effective Home Remedies For Managing Dog Scabies Treatments

Posted 4 years ago

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Dog allergies are very common issues but usually are undetected health problems in our canine friends. Just like in humans, dogs may develop allergies when their immune systems react to something uncommon in their immediate environment. Dogs suffering from such allergies portray some obsessive scratching either through out the body or on specific body areas. Other symptoms may include regurgitation of food, breathing issues, jerky motions or loose bowels. Some dogs develop ocular (eye) or nasal discharges. Unless a pet owner is very attentive to the dog's behavior, most of these can be easily ignored. The five (5) Vet-identified causes of dog allergies are Inhalant, bacterial, food, flea and contact. Other causes include molds, pollen, dust and mites. Digestive allergies are mainly caused by contents of commercial dog foods, which may contain digestive parasites. Bacteria allergies may be more serious causing loss of hair on the dog's skin. While visiting the Vet is recommended, pet owners can start by trying some of the home remedies that may ease the seriousness of the dog allergies. An oat meal bath is a proven relief for allergies manifested through scratching. This involves mixing oatmeal in cold water and using this mixture to wash the skin of the dog. The oatmeal relieves the scratching by providing a lubrication layer on the dog's skin. Allergies related to insect bites are easily relieved using baking soda, aloe Vera, eucalyptus or Epsom salts. Whatever remedy the pet owner decides to use should be dissolved in cool water and the dog bathed in the luke warm solution. A dog that suffers from flea-related allergies like scabies should have a flea repellant applied on its skin. Home-made flea repellant solutions include boiled and cooled rosemary leaves. One can also use apple cider vinegar as a flea repellant. Crushing garlic into the dog's food may also help drive away fleas. When the scratching is around the ears, swabbing the ears with cotton swabs soaked in mineral oils will help relieve the allergy, which is most probably caused by mites. The good news for dog owners is that dog allergies are less common than cat allergies. Additionally, dog allergies are more manageable with or without the intervention of a Professional. Some other effective ways of managing the dog allergies include bathing the dog regularly, wiping it with a wet towel on days when it's not bathed, and ensuring that the air in a room where the dog lives is clean. Additionally, carpets in the room should be vacuumed or washed regularly (weekly). Dogs suffering from bacterium allergies should be treated with the appropriate antigen. Jim is a retired operator of several brick and mortar businesses and has been blogging for over two years. Several current ongoing projects include polebarn metal buildings. and Dog Scabies Info And Treatment

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