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Posted 5 months ago

A few minutes work a day can become money in the bank. We are referring to submitting claims for class action lawsuits and getting money for free!

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Class-action lawsuit settlements

A few minutes work a day can become money in the bank. No, we’re not talking about clipping coupons and the like, we are talking about submitting claims for class action lawsuits.

The process is easy, and can be very lucrative, yet most people are passing up this free money opportunity.

The problem is most people just ignore it because they think it’s only going to be a few dollars.

While some settlements checks are less than $10 or coupons for free products, there are also large settlements, such as the Carnival Cruise, Royal Caribbean Telemarketing Class Action Settlement, which paid up to $900.

If you consistently submit claims for class action settlements, you will consistently receive hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year.

No proof of purchase necessary

While the majority of cases do not require proof of purchase, it still pays to have the documentation if possible.

Settlement administrators are dealing with tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of claims and 99% of the people do not submit any proof of purchase. So when you submit any kind of proof with your claim, you will get extra care and that will always help you.

Apart from receipts, credit and debit card statements can be proof.

Look at your credit card statements and find a charge at a place where you can buy the product in settlement; a lot of times that can be submitted as proof!

People should register their products, especially high-end products. By registering your products you are virtually guaranteed to be notified of a class action and then automatically receive a settlement check.

It takes patience waiting for your settlement checks.

Once you get in the routine of regularly submitting claims, you still shouldn’t expect settlement checks to come quickly.

It usually takes anywhere from six months to a year or more to get paid a settlement. But the lag time shouldn't discourage you from submitting claims. If you are patient, you should start receiving checks within six months or so.

How to make money from class action lawsuits:

File a claim for every case you qualify for.

Save your claim confirmation number and settlement website.

Be honest - Most claims require you to declare the information you're submitting is true under penalty of perjury.  Be sure to submit proof for larger payouts.

Most claims are limited to one per household. If more than one claim per household is submitted, it will probably be thrown out as potentially fraudulent.

Be patient. It can take months or even years before you receive a settlement check.

If you don’t get a check and know you were eligible, call the settlement administrator.

Finally, don’t ignore class-action lawsuit postcards. Many of them include a number to use when submitting claims.

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