Signs of Hypothyroidism

Posted 4 years ago

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Hypothyroidism is an all too common condition throughout the world. Millions of people suffer from this disorder of the endocrine system. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing very important hormones. These hormones regulate the body's metabolism. If these hormones are produced at the right levels metabolism slows down to a very low level. Researchers believe hypothyroidism is more common then most people expect. This is because many conditions and cases of hypothyroidism are undiagnosed. Statistically, if you're over 50 you are most at risk for this condition. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of the signs of hypothyroidism and be watchful for them. If you do find these conditions you should take immediate actions to control this dangerous condition. The dangers of hypothyroidism include increased cholesterol levels and increased risk of various diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Warning Signs Certain symptoms of Hypothyroidism in the initial stages may include weakness of the body, mental fatigue, and increase in the normal weight, depressive behavior, headache, and stomach pain, feeling excessive cold, pains in the body, pain in the joints, constipation, hair fall, brittle nails, pale face, muscle pain and more. These are some of the normal symptoms that one can go through while facing Hypothyroidism. Drowsiness, dizziness, loss of memory, speech problems, memory loss, irregular menstrual cycles, loss of appetite, dry skin, and muscle spasms are common symptoms. A pregnant woman might expect dizzy spells while children may have weight gain, memory problems, and decreased growth rates. While these aren't all the advanced stage symptoms, they are the most common and should be looked for most closely. Common Hypothyroidism Causes As we discussed in the paragraphs above, hypothyroidism is a common condition that is caused by a number of contributing factors. One of the most common of these factors is poor diet. A diet high in starchy foods and sugary foods is very bad for the thyroid glands. Eat these foods for too long and your thyroid glands may be damaged. If you eat more than your daily recommended allowance of sugar and your diet consists of more than a third starchy food you are putting your thyroid glands at risk. Surgical extraction of the complete thyroid glands, chronic stress, Autoimmune Diseases like Hashimoto's thyroiditis and atrophic thyroiditis, and radiation treatment, are some of the other root causes that may lead to Hypothyroidism. Children that are born without a thyroid gland or with severely dysfunctional thyroid glands have a condition known as congenital hypothyroidism. Other infections, such as viral and autoimmune infections of the thyroid can also lead hypothyroidism. Pituitary gland problems, such as pituitary gland infections are problems for the thyroid. Various medications and medicines like lithium and interferon alpha are known to cause hypothyroidism in some. Low or insufficient amounts of iodine and bacterial infections can also contribute to the condition. Hypothroid Treatments Replacing thyroxine with a different thyroid hormone called levothyroxine is one of the most common treatments doctors recommend. This is a very safe course of action and doesn't require you to pay a large sum out-of-pocket. This is good because it helps keep medical bills down. The metabolism rate of the body needs to be checked in order to do this. There are many other treatments also available, but this one in particular is the safest by most standards. Natural treatments are also an option, but it depends on how severe the conditions. If levothyroxine is on stage one, these other treatments are often found to be helpful. Hypothyroidism is not an incurable disease and with time, medications and precautions, the treatments will be helpful in the long-term. The most important part to consider is that you must immediately consult a doctor in case you start seeing the symptoms. You may be able to cure your condition if you watch for the signs of hypothroidism and pick the right program.

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