Sinusitis and Ringing Ears - What's the Connection?

Posted 4 years ago

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It could be that your sinusitis and ringing ears problems are connected. If you have frequent colds, sinus issues or allergies, you may experience that annoying ringing in your ears known as tinnitus. The thing is, you may not know anything about tinnitus or why you are suffering from it. The Sinusitis And Ringing Ears Problem There are certainly other causes of tinnitus and, in some cases, ringing in ears may be the symptom of a serious health issue. If you know the sinus ringing ears link is your situation, or your doctor has assured you that is all there is to it, there is much less to be concerned about. In most cases, once the sinuses have cleared up, gone is the ringing of ears. Even if you think that your ringing in ears is due to sinus problems, or that is your doctor's opinion, it is crucial to monitor how long the unwanted noise persists. Although tinnitus of this type generally goes away, if it should linger your doctor needs to know. It is better to prevent lasting effects or make sure this is not the symptom of another type of ailment, and the earlier on the better. Noises Besides Ringing in Ears The noise patients most commonly report is ringing of ears, but other noises can occur in cases of tinnitus. Sounds such as buzzing, roaring, swishing, whistling, hissing or other similar consistent noises are often associated with tinnitus. The general complaint is a steady ongoing noise, with varying levels of volume, which can interfere with regular hearing and cause falling asleep to be a problem. In more extreme instances, tinnitus suffers have claimed to also have earaches, headaches, or dizziness that can lead to nausea. For people who have ringing ears due to sinus ailments or allergies, the tinnitus related issues are usually temporary. Others, who have been exposed to prolonged noises that may have caused the tinnitus, or are simply having problems related to ageing, the ringing in the ears can be permanent. What to Do About Tinnitus There is no true cure for ringing of ears, but if you are only experiencing a temporary case due to a sinus infection, cold or allergies, it should be gone when your health improves. There have been reports of using home remedies, like castor oil, or herbal remedies to treat and alleviate tinnitus, but there is nothing to prove if this works or not. Even acupressure and acupuncture have been known to help in some cases. The best thing to do is seek medical advice before attempting any form of natural or alternative medicines to treat tinnitus, as well as any other health related problems. Do not risk doing anything that could end up worsening the sinus ringing ears problem. In many cases, sinusitis and ringing ears problems have been linked. For people with sinus problems and allergies, or those who have already spoken to a doctor, there are still a few things to learn about tinnitus. For more great information visit

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