Taking Care of Our Nails and Hands

Posted 4 years ago

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Our hands and nails take a lot of abuse every day. With our busy lives, we sometimes tend to take them for granted and forget that just like our feet and faces; they also need some TLC once in a while. We have to understand that a manicure is sometimes not enough to maintain the health of our hands and nails. MOISTURIZING THE HANDS and NAILS The skin or our hands can easily dry up without the proper protection and maintenance practices. Carrying a hand lotion in your bag is recommended by dermatologist. Moisturizing should be done at least 4 times a day especially in cold temperatures. An inexpensive way of maintaining the moisture in our hands and nails is by soaking them in a bowl of warm milk for 5 minutes every other day. Milk has natural hydrating factors that both strengthen and rejuvenate cells on the hands and keratin on our nails. EXFOLIATION Removing dead skin cells is a way for new and healthier ones to emerge. Using your face astringent on the back of your hands to exfoliate is actually an acceptable maintenance practice. Do this once or twice a week, depending on the level of abuse your hands receive in a day. Don't forget to always slab on a layer of lotion after cleansing them with your choice of exfoliant. One solution for removing dead skin cells from your hands and nails by using things at home is by preparing a solution of lemon extracts, a bit of salt and warm water. Some salons that provide manicures also use this simple formula for their customers. What you need to do is get a soft brush (or an old toothbrush) and use the solution to scrub off dull and dry skin around the nails and on the back of the hands. Doing this once a week boosts the luster of fingernails and lessens skin discoloration. Excessive use of cuticle and nail polish removers is one of the most common factors that lead to dry and brittle nails. According to professional salons, manicures that entail the removal of old cuticles must use oil-based removers to gently clean and remove the top layer of the nails. A SOLUTION FOR FRAGILE NAILS Manicures, especially when done too often, can lead to brittle or extremely soft nails. Some salons recommend soaking them in olive oil for about 20 minutes every two days. Olive oil has natural properties that reinforce keratin content on the hair and fingernails. Using gloves as protection when doing tasks that rely heavily on hands is also an important way to keep it from damage. Gardening and other similar jobs put a lot of strain on our nails so one has to remember to use some form of cover for the hands. Additional intake of Vitamin B is recommended, particularly in extreme cases of split and cracked nails. Staying away from manicures for a while is suggested for such a condition. At least, just until your fingernails recover.
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