The Benefits of Dusting With Microfiber

Posted 4 years ago

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Dusting using microfiber materials is one the best things you can do to ensure long lasting furniture. Microfiber is manufactured as a polyester and polyamide blend. Cleaning fabrics that are made with microfiber are exceptionally soft and can hold their shape for a long period of time. Dusting with microfiber is a sure way to maintain the surface of your furniture, without risking scratches and streaks that may appear with more abrasive materials. Microfiber is so gentle on surfaces, that it is used at most automotive dealerships nationwide for cleaning and polishing new and used vehicles. Microfiber is also used after freshly painting a car since microfiber cloths will not leave lint behind. Microfiber is a fascinating and unique fabric creation. Each fiber is approximately two hundred times finer than the finest human hair; this is the reason that microfiber has such amazing cleaning abilities. While the material is porous, it is only porous enough to provide excellent cleaning. The microscopic spaces that are between each of the fine fibers work to pull in and collect dust and dirt particles, and even oil that is often left behind with other cleaning products. The tiny pores work as a magnet would, not leaving anything untouched on the furniture's surface. Unlike rags and paper towels, cloths made from microfiber can absorb and hold up to seven times its weight in both dirt and liquids. Cleaning the microfiber cloth is very simple. Just washing the cloth in running water with a mild soap or just throw it in your washing machine. Another great benefit of dusting with microfiber is that it eliminates the need to use other household cleaning products and harsh chemicals. With microfiber cloths, you will no longer need to have furniture polish. You can buff the wooden surface of your furniture with the microfiber cloth. Unlike typical household cleaning methods for dusting furniture which consists of rough paper towels or lint filled rags, microfiber's lint free and nonabrasive material can clean and buff without damaging the furniture's surface. There is no need to keep regular cloths around to dust furniture; all they do is move the dust around from one place to another. Rags do the same but are abrasive enough to harm the furniture. Paper towels, even though they have many uses, can not beat microfiber cloths. Microfiber dusting cloths are more absorbent than paper towels and are sanitary enough to use over and over again. Microfiber cloths can be used on most surfaces in your home, making dusting from one room to the next a breeze. With microfiber you can clean and dust windows, counters, faucets, walls, blinds, furniture, and anything else that you can think of. Microfiber is also great on household mirrors. Since there is never any lint or residue left behind, the mirrors turn our streak free and sparkling. Most importantly, microfiber was designed with the consumer in mind. The cloths will not scratch or chip paint and chrome surfaces. When you are done dusting your house, you can reuse the cloths to polish your car. Microfiber cloths are also good for dusting and polishing the interior of your vehicle, especially the dust collecting dashboard. Remember with microfiber cloths there is never a need to purchase or keep harmful chemicals in the home. Microfiber cloths work just as well as furniture dusters and cleaners, but only require a little bit of water to complete the job. Microfiber cloths are a healthy choice for your loved ones. You will not have to spray chemicals into the air to clean anymore. Microfiber has the ability to even pick of pesky pet hair. On top of making dusting faster and easier, using microfiber will also save you money since you won't have to buy all the cleaning chemicals. Microfiber cloths costs the about the same as two rolls of premium paper towels, but can be reused for years. So not only are they cost efficient but they are also environmentally safer then other cleaning methods. Make your family and your environment among your top priorities with a little step like dusting with microfiber.
Eva is a cleaning professional and hardwood floor expert of 20 years. She has been on the forefront of the chemical free, green cleaning movement for 10 years, educating people one by one. For more information about Microfiber Mops, visit:

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