The French Allure: New Lingerie Brands Eclipsing The Market Of Fashion From Paris

Posted 4 years ago

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French Fashion Lingerie Icons- A. Gamichon, the founder of Chantelle in Paris, began his career in the fashion empire by creating elasticated fabrics for the corset in 1876. Pre Gamichon era was when the corset was designed to make the waist as tiny as possible. It was like wearing a thin sliver of wood around your waist and it was also very constricting. It was very attractive to be uncomfortable in those days. The smaller the waist, the more desirable a woman could be. But Gamichon realized that not all women are a size three and dreamed up the idea that the corset needs to be designed to expand. In 1920 the elastic combined with alluring and romantic details becoming the girdle. As the girdles began to become popular, the Chantelle lingerie business was born in 1950. This brand has long since been the innovator of couture with a simple beauty and charm very typical of Parisian lingerie. Another designer prevalent in classic French persuasion comes from Lyon, the second largest city in France, known as the "Capitol City of Silk", also birthed in the 1950's. Lise Charmel is synonymous for producing the classical French lace combined with silks and simplistic yet artistic designs that induce a specialized charm for the woman in love. As these French lingerie brands began to flourish, many other French lingerie designers began to follow suit. Still popular today, classic brands like Aubade, Simone Perele, Ravage, Eres, Courtworth and Fifi Chachnil to name a few. But with these luxury lingerie brands you will pay a luxury brand price. A lot of women want to wear luxury lingerie, especially lingerie made from France; however, they don't want to spend a ton of money to own it. So I did a little research and came up with some quality French lingerie brands that are a little bit newer, yet offer the highest quality for affordable prices. Some of these brands have been around for awhile, but several of them are quite new on the market. It is for that reason, I pay particular homage to these brands. French Quality Lingerie and Fashions: Affordable Prices I had to begin with a very famous brand of pantyhose- simply because we are talking about high end fashions at low prices- and no one beats this brand. Cervin is the number 1 seller in hosiery in the world. It is a French brand and yes it's made in Paris. Now this brand has been around for over 20 years but it maintains a price comparable to other pantyhose giants, yet maintains the high end quality of the silk pantyhose and the chic couture high fashion of the Parisian design. If you have never indulged in a pair of Cervin hose, I highly recommend that you check this brand ( and their unbeatable prices) out now. Assia is the young French fashion designer who advances in the world of feminine couture. For the larger busted women this designer pays special attention to providing a broad selection for you. Luxxa is the innovator; from a distance the best quality in the world with an exemplary finishing. In the world of the French lingerie the designer is distinct in a special manner; as much by the sexy, unique and provocative designs as by the blameless and perfect quality of products. Folies by Renaud has been for a long time the purveyor of Agent Provocateur but Agent Provocateur being an English brand, we prefer paying tribute to the products made in France...This brand is truly unique and offers a flirty vintage flair with a burning passion for adding the French touch in all the right places. Marquise in Love is a glamorous brand of lingerie, specializing in g-strings. Marquise in Love embodies nobility, quality and sensuality. This unique lingerie treat is brand new on the market but it is terrifically French!!! Rien is another French brand currently restructuring and reinventing constantly to innovate the lingerie world. This brand is another high-end lingerie with totally comparable prices. Very popular in America and worn by celebrities from all over the world. With all of the economic down turns and unexpected price hikes everywhere we turn, you will want to take advantage of the great deals, French brands like those listed above offer. These lingerie brands offer you the chance to indulge without paying a high price for it. For those who love the French quality, but not the price, I hope you will find this article helpful in assisting you with making some fresh, new choices in lingerie that will keep you looking sexy, while saving money at the same time. Now that's an outstanding deal! La Vie Est Belle and so are you! Angela was born a Georgia Peach attracted to the European culture, arts and fashions. Taking her interests and incorporating them into a career was always her aim even early on in life. Now she enjoys working for Facette USA, a French based company that offers beautiful lingerie, clothing, shoes and accessories all over the world.

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