The Secret of Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning

Posted 4 years ago

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Natural stone and manufactured tiles are a common choice for domestic floors as they represent good value for money, offer limitless design possibilities, are highly durable and relatively easy to clean. This last point is commonly mistaken however as people often take low maintenance to mean no maintenance - and neglect to clean their floor until it is visibly dirty, filthy or even marked and scratched. Without proper care and attention - tiled flooring can quickly lose its appeal, but there are instances where people regularly clean and sweep, mop and dry their floor and even apply a tile sealant yet still find themselves with a floor which has an uneven, dull or unsatisfactory finish. One possible reason for this, is neglecting the tile grout. Grout is actually a construction material and it usually consists of a mixture of cement, sand and water. Grout is used to seal joints and fill spaces - exactly like those found between tiles. Grout, unlike a polished tile, is a porous material - meaning that liquids can easily filter and stain it, very quickly. Even though grout accounts for a relatively small percentage of the overall surface area of the floor, if it is not uniform the overall effect it can have is surprising, and this is where the uneven appearance can come from. The key to keeping the grout looking uniform and good is the application of a sealant, but it is important to use a different type of sealant to that used for the tiles. Grout sealants can be transparent or in the form of a colour grout sealant, so a specific colour may be selected, even to match a previous colour if needed. A specialist tile floor cleaning contractor will be able to explain the best for you. Grout is relatively difficult to apply, so it is important that it is applied professionally. The sealant must be applied when the grout is clean if it is transparent, and after the grout sealant has been applied, the regular tile sealant should be sufficient, provided that regular sweeping and mopping takes place. Any spillage of food or drink should, nevertheless, be cleaned up as soon as they occur. If you notice a mark or stain that you cannot shift, it is possible that the sealant has been worn or scratched and this is when a specialist tile floor cleaning company should be contacted to restore the floor to its original condition, before re-sealing.
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