Tips On How To Feed Your Kids Healthy Snacks

Posted 4 years ago

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Did you know studies show that children consume 30% of their daily calories in snacks? I didn't actually know the numbers before my research, but as a working mother, what I DO know is that finding healthy snacks for my kids is one of my biggest challenges everyday. It is a tricky balance. Kids are tough customers when it comes to food. I have two boys and often feel like I am running a short order kitchen. One likes rice the other one hates it. One likes mashed potatoes and the other won't eat it. It is exhausting and frustrating and leaves me feeling like I am not doing a good job as a mom. After looking around for some great snacking advice, here is what I have found: Can you say fruits and vegetables? Obviously, these are the best options for snacking in kids. If you offer this first, before you move to the chips and chocolate, you develop a great habit for your kids. I will be the first to admit that it can be challenging (especially with my 7 year old sugar monster). In our house, the rule on after school snacking is that you first have to have a fruit (apple, strawberries or a banana) and if you are still hungry - most of the time he won't be - then we can move to a small serving of potato chips or a Hershey's Kiss (his favorite). My oldest love to dip things. For his vegetables (and fruit) we have hummus, Ranch dressing, and even peanut butter (for his apples). Again, the rule has always been the same. First a healthy snack, then if you are still hungry, we can negotiate something else. Cereal can be a great snack. Cereal is a great source of fiber, which is filling and healthy (and aids in digestion and lowering cholesterol). But you have to be careful. Several other popular kids' cereals also had hefty amounts of added sweeteners.The good news is that Consumer Reports rated several kid-oriented cereals as both low in sugar and nutritious. These include Cheerios (regular and Honey Nut varieties), Kix and Life.This is a great option because if you put dry cereal in snack bags, they can go anywhere. My kids also like it because they get to pick out the kind they want (within reason). Sometimes, after school can be a train wreck. The kids come home hungry and ready to eat anything. Also, when we have soccer practice or football practice, we don't get to eat dinner until 8 p.m. On some of those days (when work allows) I skip the snack all together and just prepare dinner early. These are the days I use my crock pot. I can have dinner ready when they get off the bus and avoid the snack issue! ---------------------------------------------------- Looking for healthy kids snacks? Check out Great Kids Snacks Review: or the Working Mom Reviews Great Kids Snacks:

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