Treat Impetigo Symptoms At Home

Posted 4 years ago

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Impetigo is a serious skin infection that is caused by either the streptococcus or staphylococcus bacteria. The disorder is most commonly found in people who have had a recent break in the skin. The break could come from something such as an animal bite or an injury. Symptoms of impetigo include puss-filled blisters, skin lesions, rashes, and itching blisters. The sufferer may also experience swollen lymph nodes near the infection. Impetigo is a very contagious disease. It is crucial for anyone suffering from the disorder to begin impetigo treatment as quickly as possible. Home Remedies for Impetigo One of the most important factors in caring for impetigo is cleanliness. You must keep the area clean by washing it several times a day with antibacterial soap. You should not scrub the affected area harshly. Light patting or wiping is sufficient with an antibacterial soap. The soap will prevent larger infestations of bacteria from developing. Garlic cloves are an excellent choice for home remedies for impetigo. The sufferer should crush the garlic cloves and apply them to the affected area. They work wonders for the itching and discomfort. Garlic is also a natural bacterial killer. It would not be a bad idea for the infected person to add garlic as a part of his or her meals during the healing process as well. A person who is suffering from impetigo can also use a turnip for relief. You should soak two or three pieces of a turnip in vinegar for six hours. When the six-hour period has passed, you can apply the turnip to the affected area. You may also eat the turnip slices several times per day. Aloe vera is a medicinal substance that is commonly used for a wide variety of ailments. Its extracts are very effective in healing wounds, burns, and minor skin infections. Aloe vera will not only soothe the pain and itching, but it will also keep the skin moisturized. It is recommended for a person suffering from impetigo to apply aloe vera to his or her skin five times per day. Tea tree oil is another wonderful natural substance you could use to treat impetigo. It works as an antiseptic, which means it will actively fight any existing bacteria on the skin. You can apply tea tree oil directly to the infected area three times per day for relief. Apple cider vinegar can help to remove the scars from impetigo. The proper mix of water to apple cider vinegar is two cups water to one fourth cup of vinegar. The individual can apply the solution to the skin whenever necessary. There are many great home remedies for impetigo to cure this annoying infection. Each person must experiment and find out which solution work the best for him or her. Once a person finds the right solution, the infection will clear up in no time. There are many home remedies for impetigo to get relief from the symptoms. Visit to read more about an excellent natural impetigo treatment that has helped many patients.

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