Valentines Day Party Games To Entertain All The Little Lovebirds At The Valentines Day Party

Posted 4 years ago

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Valentines Day is a fun day for children, adults, and anyone in between. Throwing a group party for young children on Valentines Day will ensure all feel the love on this warm day. Valentines Day Party Supplies and Invitations with fun party games will delight children and send everyone home happy and filled with love (and plenty of candy). Pin The Heart On Cupid. Pin The Heart On Cupid is played by using a large picture of Cupid posted on the wall. Give each player a heart to place at the end of his arrow or on his chest. Therefore, players know where to place the heart draw an outline in the selected location. The player who comes the closest to placing the heart on Cupid is the winner. Valentine Heart Relay. This game is played by using straws and heart shaped cut outs. The object of the game is to suck on the straw to hold the heart-shaped cut out on the straw. Spilt the party group into two teams. The first player on each team picks up the piece of paper and passes it to the next player in line. the first player to pass the heart to the last player in line is the winning team. Broken Hearts. Broken Hearts is a game that can be played in several ways. In one variation place several heart cut outs, cut in several pieces, around the party area. The object of the game is to find all the broken heart pieces. Broken heart pieces can be placed in balloons. The object of this game is to find the broken heart pieces by popping the balloons. Candy Heart Guessing Game. Place a hundred of so candy hearts in a clear jar. The object of this game is to guess how many candy hearts are in the jar. The player who can guess the number, or come close without going over, is the winner. Bobbing For Marshmallows (in chocolate) This game is messy so be sure to have plenty of towels and plastic sheets on the floor. Bobbing for marshmallows in chocolate is played just like bobbing for apples. The object of the game is to pick the marshmallows, using only teeth, and placing them on the side. to avoid players from getting the chocolate syrup in their eyes have each player wear swimming goggles. The player who collects the most marshmallows at the end of time wins. Valentines Day party is a great social gathering for middle school children to mingle and have a fun time. Parents looking for something for their children to do on this love-filled day should consider throwing a Valentines Day Party Supplies for the entire class. Mrs. Party... Gail Leino gives ideas on entertaining at the holidays with Valentines party decorations Plus, provides info on free printable Valentines Day party invitations, games, party favors, place name cards, activities and party supplies. Plus, original Valentines music theme and movie song lists for a special touch to any celebration.

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