Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintenance: DOs and DON'Ts

Posted 4 years ago

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Although vinyl floors are very resilient they still have cleaning and maintenance requirements which you must follow to the letter.
    • Avoid walking on the seamed areas and on the seam sealer of your freshly installed vinyl floor for at least twelve hours. Also do not in any circumstance place or roll heavy objects over the floor as the weight of the objects can damage the surface of the floor by leaving permanent marks.
    • To prevent dirt, dust, and stains from damaging your vinyl floor enhance the qualities of the vinyl finish by applying a supplementary urethane coating. The urethane coating will add stain resistant qualities to the surface of your floor. However having a urethane coating doesn't mean that your floor won't require its weekly mopping with water and vinegar.
    • If your vinyl floor has seams, clean every spill immediately. This way you will prevent the liquid from reaching the sub floor and damaging it. Do not rely entirely on your seam sealer because leakages are still possible if the sealer hasn't been applied properly.
    • Before you buy a doormat check its label if it is safe to apply over vinyl floors. Also do not purchase mats which have a rubber backing as the rubber may discolor the vinyl tiles, planks or sheets.
    • Use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner when you are cleaning your floor. By using the beater bar you risk scratching the surface of your vinyl floor.
    • Place a doormat on both sides of each entrance. Thus you will reduce the amount of dirt and dust which is brought indoors from the outside.
    • Never use abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools when you are cleaning your floor as they will scratch and damage the vinyl surface.
    • Every now and then apply a new coat of floor polish on your floor. The polish will keep the glossy appearance of the floor and will provide extra protection against normal wear and tear.
    • Once a year hire a flooring company that provides vinyl flooring services to conduct an inspection of the vinyl surface(though, it doesn't matter if we're talking about vinyl, laminate or hardwood). This way you will be able to easily locate and fix any damages and tears that have occurred throughout the year. The contact details of the best companies that take care of vinyl (hardwood, laminate) flooring in Bradford can be found in the flooring section of the yellow pages.
  • Resilient stains must be cleaned with a damp sponge or mop.
Greetings, everyone! Ashley here! Vinyl is great in some ways, in others, it isn't. That's why I prefer laminate. If you need more information about it, check here.

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