Wall Stencils - The Frugal Way

Posted 4 years ago

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Stenciling is a wonderfully affordable way to enhance any flat surface, especially walls. Not only can you easily manipulate a wall stencil to create a new look, there are different applications that can be applied to the wall stenciling process that will add additional design flair. Though buying a stencil from the store may appear to be the easiest way to get started, the search to find what you want can become a frustrating exercise in futility. The better and most often more affordable way is to create your own wall stencil. Ensuring a uniquely you design result. The frugal way is to realize that almost any image, from a book, a swatch of fabric or even a piece of porcelain can provide the simple outline that is perfect for your stencil. Visit your local library and browse around the books that contain the theme or design ideas you may be looking for. If it is period art, check out symbols from history books, encyclopedias etc. For a kids wall, a comic book could be a frugal find. Whatever you do, don't limit your search to "stencil" books. The internet is also a fantastic resource. Sites featuring tattoo outlines may be the perfect stop. Or, a scrap booking web site may be just what you need. When you do find that perfect image, trace the future wall stencil using standard tracing paper, or photo copy it. Enlarge or decrease its size with a copier, then transfer your finished copy to acetate film or stencil paper. Both of which can be found at local art or home decorating arts and crafts supplies stores. Next, cut around the image with a craft knife. Determine where you may need to keep sections together by leaving a small strip or "bridge" to keep pieces from falling apart. Spray the back of your finished cut out with a manipulative spray adhesive. This will allow the wall stencil to stick in place while you focus on the painting. It also helps to prevent the paint from seeping under the stencil. No fuzzy images here! This type of adhesive is easy to reuse and will not leave residual glue on your wall. Some simple wall stencil applications: Try a wide stencil in the place of a base board, or stencil right onto the existing baseboard. Use variations of one color. Create different shades by adding a bit of the color's compliment (opposite color on the color wheel). Or, make it lighter by adding a bit of white. This will add bit more visual interest. Create a motif: Attach your stencil and brush on the first color. Remove the stencil and allow the paint on the wall to dry completely. Place the stencil back onto the dry wall print but then shift it slightly to the left or right and stencil, press so it sticks to the wall again and stencil again with a off-white paint. Remove the stencil and notice how it gives your work a more 3 dimensional look. Stencil around the mouth of a fireplace opening or a window. Tie in a fabric print, a wall paper theme or create a period look by finding a period painting that inspires a stencil pattern. Use one large stencil in a repetitious pattern across the entire wall to create the look of wallpaper. Though this may sound like a daunting task it's really rather simple. Use a plumb line (weight tied to a piece of string and hung from the ceiling) to keep your pattern straight. Or, apply a wall faux effect before adding your wall stencil. To find out more about how to paint, when to prime, paint quantity calculations and determining what color is best for the room....visit: http://frugalhomedesign.com/Bestpaint.html

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