What Is Your Design Style?

Posted 4 years ago

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Are you a French Or Southwestern Country? Do you see the world in Tuscan or Traditional? One of the most fundamental aspects to interior design is knowing what your personal design style is. But, it can be the most difficult aspect of your personality to figure out. There are some wonderful ways to determine your interior design style but first let's take a look at why it is important to identify your preference at all. There Are Fundamental Reasons Image yourself needing a new car. You wander into a car lot already feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices so when approached by a sales representative who politely asks "May I help you?" it becomes almost overwhelming. At that very moment, you realize you have no idea what you are looking for. Sure, you have a basic idea of color and desired interior features but as far as the specifics in regard to style, size, fuel type etc., you are at a total loss. One of two things may happen at this point...you stomp out of the dealership feeling totally frustrated or, you end up buying something by default...not quite what you want, but you'll be happy with it for now. So often, this is the sort of scenario professional design consultants face on a regular basis. Working with clients becomes more of a system of wading through a hodge podge of likes and dislikes. It's almost like pseudo psychology - counseling for the design constipated. Most people already have a vague idea of what they like, but lack the clear thinking and vocabulary to communicate and implement those likes, in a clear designer fashion. There Are Practical Reasons By coming to a basic understanding of your style, it orders your mind and brings a cogency to the process. You will save time and definitely money being able to work within the parameters of the determined interior design style. You will know what works together and what wont'. The effort to implement will be simplified by understanding the theme options. So, imagine yourself going back to the car lot. This time you are fully prepared. You know what vehicle you want, color, size, trunk capacity etc - you have worked out every facet of what you are looking for to best compliment your personality. Now it's time to negotiate the deal. The dealer appreciates your preparedness, and before you know it, you are driving away with the car of your dreams. There Are Emotional Reasons A home that reflects who you are, will always provide a place of rest, rejuvenation and happy feelings. It's a known and proven fact that a home full of clutter and disorganization will darken any ones mood to some degree or another. It can be a very subtle, almost imperceptible experience or a totally overwhelming, self defeating environmental sabotage. This, along with a purely "functional" view of home furnishings will not contribute to your overall well being and personal success. Back to the car example...imagine yourself behind the wheel in the car of your dreams. Energized? Happy? Totally pumped? You've got a gas tank of sunshine! That's exactly how you can feel when it comes to your home that expresses your style. So how does one go about identifying their personal design style? Here are some options: 1. Don't do anything at all and call yourself an "eclectic" when the subject comes up. When I was teaching High School art students several years ago, I would often get the kid that would run up to my desk with a finished product that frankly, looked like....trash. When I would ask this aspiring young artist to explain why I should even consider evaluating it for a grade - the answer would often be "It's modern art". Slowly and carefully I would rise out of my seat and explain to the student that "modern art" is not an excuse for sloppy and careless work. It's a choice made from an educated understanding of the art principles that inspired it. What they did not understand was that most of the current modern artist put themselves under an exhaustive education of learning the fundamentals, the disciplines, the practice of solid art theories...once these were "mastered" they CHOSE the venue of modern art. It was not an excuse for lazy and haphazard, slap happy paint on a canvas explosion. The same is true with the design style known as "Eclectic". Is is your choice or just a default mode because you don't think you deserve or can afford the home interior you want. 2. If you have the money - hire an professional. A good design consultant will sit you down and pull out the shadows of your likes and dislikes. Armed with that information they will be happy to do all the foot work (at a premium price) to offer suggestions, resources and coaching or full service start to finish room design. This is a good option. 3. Take a Quiz If you are more of a money saving do it yourself type, you can find in books, magazines and even online. One well known publisher (The For Dummies series) provides just such a quiz in their popular Home Decorating for Dummies paper back. Another option are online surveys you can take that are fun and actually very insightful. Many not only identify your personal design style but will also help to clarify your over all personality in ways that you may have been aware of. One in particular can be found on the website called "iVillage", and contains a simple 8 question, instant analysis system. 4. Browse Around Spend some time at your local Borders or Barnes and Noble. Grab a super sized coffee and hit the magazine and book racks to find the look you like. It could be a bit of this, some of that...there really is no hard and fast rule, but it may help to determine a consistent theme or approximate design style. Be sure to bring a notebook to jot down those important impressions for future ready reference. Frugal Home Design understands that a person can feel overwhelmed by all the design input that comes from so many sources so they have developed a unique personal design style product to clear away the fog and help you discover your perfect interior design style. Visit http://frugalhomedesign.com/profile-miracle.html to learn more.

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