Which Repairs Will Boost The Value Of My House?

Posted 4 years ago

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Sprucing up your house can definitely add to the value of your home, and there are a variety of ways to inexpensively update your home that can catch a buyer's eye. Here are few home selling tips to stage and update your abode and make it ready for a quick home sale. Kitchen And Bath Upgrades You might not believe it but the kitchen is still one of the most important rooms in the house and the one that most home buyers will want to look at first. This along with the bathroom are the two rooms you want to focus as much of your budget as possible to making them really stand out from the crowd. However, you don't have to have grandiose schemes to makeover a kitchen. Of course, make sure the kitchen is spotless and well organized before you tackle updating projects, which is the most inexpensive thing to do. Then you can makeover the fixtures and the cabinet handles by swapping it out for something more modern. Instead of redoing your whole cabinet system, you can also swap out the doors and add a fresh coat of paint. If you are good with these sorts of home improvements, you can do it yourself by purchasing the proper doors at Lowes or Home Depot. A big selling point for buyers is to have matching appliances, so instead of replacing an appliance or ordering a whole new set, consider just ordering a new door. With some appliances such as a microwave or a dishwasher, all that is needed to change its color is a door replacement or even just flipping the face panel. You can use these same suggestions in the bathroom as well. You should always replace old hardware and worn out lighting with something that is more updated and contemporary that will help to brighten up the space. Make sure the entire bathroom is properly cleaned and if the floor is worn out you can consider putting vinyl down. Replacing the toilet is another inexpensive upgrade that you can do without much cost or time investment. Add Functional Closet Space Having a customized closet can be a real eye pleaser to buyers who would love the idea of using every bit of their storage space. There are online software programs that can help you design your storage system for maximum space, and then all it takes is the installation of a few shelves and hooks. On top of this, you may have an extra room that can be easily converted to a bedroom if only it had a closet. You can have a closet system and drywall setup for around two thousand dollars, but it can increase the home's worth immensely with the addition of a bedroom. Bedroom Ideas If you do a good steaming and carpet cleaning it will go a long way in sprucing up the house. You will find that this is a lot less expensive then redoing the carpet and this is how a lot of people decide to go because they know a lot of home buyers will just rip up the carpet and put down their own taste anyway. If you have ceiling fans in your rooms, consider switching the fan blades. This inexpensive property update can be the difference between an old looking fan and a more modern one. Do More Then Just The Inside You want the best picture of your home to be the main one that people see when they come to your listing online. This is why it only makes sense to improve the curb appeal of the house. Some inexpensive things you can do to the outside would be to put down new sod, new mulch, and more flowers. Most homeowners don't ever wash their windows and this is something else that is easily fixed, and this will also make the house look younger. You will instantly stand out from most of your neighbors and will make prospective buyers take a second look at your house. ---------------------------------------------------- You don't have to look anymore if you were trying to find the best way to sell your property. With our blog you will find all sorts of things to help you with the process and avoid hassles. Read on for more information. http://www.sellmyhouseindianapolis.com/category/buy-my-house-fast/

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