While dental insurance may be out of your reach, discount dental plans are definitely not. You should seriously consider the massive savings they offer!

Posted 4 years ago

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There is no doubt that dental insurance has suffered collateral damage from the changes enforced on the health insurance industry by Obamacare. Many people now find themselves & their families without any form of dental coverage – but this gap can be adequately filled by Discount Dental Plans.

What are discount dental plans?

Discount dental plans are a simple and reliable way to save money at the dentist.

Discount dental plans give you access to significant discounts at the dental office for a wide range of procedures. You save money on simple preventive treatments such as cleanings and x-rays as well as complex treatments such as root canals and bridges.

Dental providers have contracted to provide the same quality treatment to discount dental plan members at deeply discounted prices. As a member of a discount plan, you pay the dentist directly at a lower price for the services rendered - and you're done! No worrying about complicated paperwork or waiting for payment reimbursements.

A discount dental plan is a great option for people who:

    >> Are not members of an exclusive organization

    >> Do not have access to a dental plan through an employer

    >> Have prior dental conditions

    >> Have already reached the annual limit for their other dental program

    >> Want to save more money on their dental work

How do discount dental plans work?

Many people wonder how discount dental plans can be so cheap but still offer such significant savings.

"What's the catch?" they say, a question heard every day. Almost everyone understands how traditional insurance works because it's so common, but a discount dental plan is not insurance, so how does it work?

The steps below outline how you can save money with discount dental plans.

1 Choose A Dental Plan That's Right For You

Each plan is a little different. Some have more providers while others give you more savings on dental work. Get one that fits your needs. Being a member of the plan is the only way you can...

2 Gain Access to Network Dentists

Visit any dentist in your plan's nationwide network and save on every visit. Dentists in the network have agreed to charge plan members according to a schedule of fixed prices for the most common procedures. These discounts are available exclusively to plan members.

3 Save Money with Fixed Prices

No matter what your dentist would normally charge for a procedure, with a discount plan, you pay the dollar amount designated in the fee schedule.

And, the best part is, the membership plans only cost you a few dollars a month, while the plan can save you hundreds or even thousands, which means...

4 Everyone Wins!

Dentists get more patients and keep their dental practice running while you save lots of money and take care of your teeth. Better still, no one has to deal with paperwork or postpone needed care.

How do I find a dentist?

Most reputable discount dental plans will allow you to look at a provider list before you join. Our recommended provider is Careington; click the link to check if your preferred dentist is one of Careington’s more than 100,000 dental providers

How much does a discount dental plan cost?

Plans cost a very affordable $6.95 per month per member, or if you pay annually, just $75.06.

If you have questions you will probably find this FAQ page useful.

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