Why Choose Microfiber to Clean Your Electronics?

Posted 4 years ago

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How are microfiber and cotton different when it comes to cleaning mobile and touch screen technology like the iPad 2? What properties make microfiber a superior electronic device cleaner? Bottom line... it is far superior at picking up dust, dirt, fingerprints, and bacteria than ordinary cotton and other materials. How can this be you say? Well, here is a quick comparison between cotton and microfiber: Microfiber
  • Smaller than 1/100th or.1-.2 of a denier of single strand of human hair
  • Split ended technology = negative electrostatic charge (actually attracts dust and dirt)
  • Same surface area as a cotton cloth 4x its size
  • Able to pull debris away rather than rub them around on surfaces.
  • Polyamide allows for the absorption of fingerprint and facial oils
  • At least 40 times larger than a microfiber fiber
  • Soap/chemicals needed to attract and hold debris and foreign matter
  • Not as absorbent; smears oils
Microfiber is made using a couple different materials. The first is polyester; this material is what gives microfiber its strength and durability. The second material is polyamide, and this is what makes this fabric so absorbent and able to clean fingerprint and facial oils from touch screens so well. It is well know that microfiber is made using split-ended technology, which not only increases the surface area of microfiber but is also what gives this type of material such great cleaning abilities. Microfiber can actually hold 7 times its weight in water and hold it without dripping. It is also positively charged so it actually attracts dirt and dust which hold a negative charge. Tests have also shown microfiber to be 99% effective at removing bacteria from surfaces and shown to not promote bacterial growth. This material is also re-usable and easy to care for. The only thing to remember when washing this material is that you should not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets. Doing so results in less absorbability of foreign materials and oils and affects the negative charge of the fabric. Other precautions to take when washing and drying microfiber is to not let temperatures exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit and to wash with like materials. Using microfiber to clean such things as iPads, iPhones, tablets, kindles, smartphones, laptops, and other touch screen devices and screens is a great choice and the results will be easily seen. If you're tired of getting so so results when using your t-shirt or the nearest napkin to clean your electronics opt for a microfiber cleaning cloth. You will find that microfiber, for the most part is easy to find and fairly inexpensive. Do of course pay attention to the quality and watch out for microfiber imitations. Happy cleaning!
Article Submitted by: K. Nolan http://www.pristinescreens.com/ -Believers in microfiber technology. Helping to clean one dirty screen at a time. -Feel free to visit our website for more information and to get your own microfiber cleaning cloth! -25% off if you use discount code PTCOA1412 at checkout

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