Why Life Insurance Is So Important: The 5 Main Reasons

Posted 4 years ago

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Life insurance is a peace of mind that everyone should have. There are major benefits in having insurance. Should something happen to you or your spouse, it can mean a huge difference in the quality of life for the surviving family. Here are 5 top reasons to consider having life insurance. Reason #1: Funeral Expenses Funeral expenses can be overwhelming for the surviving family. The average funeral cost is now topping over six and seven thousand dollars. By the time you figure the cost of a plot or vault, coffin or cremation, funeral home services expenses, funeral newspaper ads, memorials, acknowledgment cards, flowers, just to name a few of the expenses, it's very pricey. There are more expensive luxury items that can bring your funeral tally up over ten thousand dollars. Imagine your family facing that mountain of expenses without the comfort of life insurance. Reason #2: Ongoing Expenses The daily bills may not be so overwhelming while you are alive and contributing to the family fund. Once a main bread-winning loved one passes, those funds are no longer coming in, yet the bills still pile up the same. Just because your income has been cut in half, does not mean your water bill or electric bill is cut in half. Some expenses will decrease mildly, but not as much as the loss of income. Reason #3: Less Social Security If you are lucky enough to be receiving social security for you and your spouse now, remember, that changes when one of you passes. The surviving spouse no longer receives both checks. Typically, it's the greater of one or the other, but not both. Some retirements will stop as well when the recipient passes. Something to keep in mind also when dealing with Social Security is that when a recipient passes, Social Security will request the last payment they sent out. Even if a recipient receives their check on the 3rd and passes the end of the month, they still retract their money. This can be a financial setback if you're not prepared. Reason #4: Less Burden For the surviving family, that life insurance policy can certainly lessen their financial burdens. With enough coverage, you can ensure the house, car, credit cards or other bills are paid off. This can mean many years of comfort for the family. Imagine your spouse left free of a house and car payment. How comforting would that be? Reason #5: Education Whether it's a spouse, child or grandchild seeking further education, you could provide that for them. Think of it as your farewell gift. You enable loved ones to go to school and better themselves, start a new life or make their current standings a little stronger. Life insurance is not just a luxury anymore. With the financial market of the world being so shaky, you ensure your family's longevity and comfort by spending a few dollars a month now on a life insurance plan. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, but with life insurance, you can assure them there will be fewer financial worries.
Planning ahead for the future is very important. Make sure to protect yourself and your family from any potential financial disasters. But life insurance is not just about protection, it's about having peace of mind knowing no matter what happens, your children and spouse will get everything they deserve. Why not take a few minuets and search online for Canada life insurance quote?

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