Why Women Can Never Have Too Many Handbags

Posted 4 years ago

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Why do women love handbags? Men always ask the question, "Why do you need ANOTHER handbag?" Well for most of us lovely ladies out there the answer is a simple one - "A girl can never have too many handbags!" But what is it that draws us to handbags? I think the answer is a very simple one. First and foremost, women are by nature caring and organised, we like to be prepared and ready for every eventuality - a downpour, sore feet, first aid and the countless items required for an outing with your beloved children; and to do so we require something to hold all our necessities. Not only this but we want something to make our Mary Poppins esque "must carry everything" habit look good. Therefore, a beautiful, shiny leather handbag fits the bill perfectly. I feel another reason us girls have such a penchant for handbags is that, in the land of the ever changing waistline, a handbag always fits. They are never too tight, uncomfortable or unflattering so are completely non-discriminatory. You never have to struggle to get a handbag to fit, and therefore you never have to suffer the post "I'm not bloody trying the bigger size" blues. Lets face it, not having to go through the changing room ordeal is another big bonus. A handbag is unlike any other single item in your wardrobe. A handbag can single handedley add instant glamour to an outfit and give an old, well worn outfit a new lease of life. The other thing I love about handbags is that ladies feel far more adventurous when buying a handbag than they are with other items in their wardrobe. The lady who is happiest in simple blacks and neutrals finds herself gravitating towards the Bright Red Patent Croc Gladstone, Orange Birkin Inspired Tote or the Cerise Pink Suede Handbag. Regardless of style, age or stature any lady can carry off a splash of colour in the form of a handbag. So maybe the next time your other half asks the inevitable question, you can point out that unless he'd like to accompany you to a fraught, not to mention expensive, shopping expedition for an entirely new wardrobe, he would be getting off very lightly with you getting a shiny new handbag. And let's face it, every lady needs a beautifully bright, bold and unashamedly glamorous handbag in her life. At Red Door we pride ourselves in handpicking our fabulous range of handbags. To preview our great selection of gorgeous handbags, from stunning suede bags to fabulous fashion totes, please visit our website www.reddoorarran.co.uk

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